Art is a visual statement that represents the world around us. It is an artist's expression and emotion. It communicates an idea, expresses a feeling, it can be a interesting design. Art helps us gain that inner peace which has a lasting effect and that art piece can have the same effect on others as well.

Junior Art

.    Basic Shapes / Drawing

.   Colour Theory

.   Colourful Drawing

.   Arrangement of Lines & Forms

.   Colour Mixing

.   Colour Shading

.   Reference Drawing & colouring

.   Composition

.   Creative work

.   Pencil Shading

Senior Art

.    Sketching 2D

.   Pencil Shading

.   Water colour Painting

.   Oil Painting

.   Madhubani Painting

.   Patachitra Painting

.   Charcoal Painting